“Only for The Sake of Elegance”


Award-winning conceptual photographer, “Daniel Low”, has always believed that pictures speak a thousand words, and that great photography has the power to create awareness, and has the ability to affect change. Armored with a passion towards photography and design for “the sake of elegance”, semences design studeo was born.

As head photographer and creative director of semences design studeo, Daniel was born in Penang, and graduated from Malaysia’s leading art and design institution, The One Academy. Daniel’s fort√© lies in conceptual photography, having an exceptional affinity towards evocative high fashion photography. Coupled with his digital skills and knowledge, he moulds and shapes creative ideas into images and artworks of spectacular standards.

He is almost unstoppable, and his future ahead seems limitless. At such a young age, he has already received multiple prestigious awards and has several internationally published work, making up a strong portfolio and credential.